Logistics and Cross-Border Trade Management

Curriculurm name

Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Cross Border Trade Management.

Name and Program Name

Bachelor of Business Administration
(Logistics and Cross Border Trade Management)

Potential Career Paths

- Import/Export Business.
- Procurement and Supply.
- International Sales and Marketing.
- International Liaison.
- Production Control.
- Raw Material Control.
- Procurement.
- Warehouse Management.
- Domestic and International Transportation.
- International Distribution for Public and Private Sectors.
- Personal Business.


 The Logistics and Cross Border Trade Management program aims to produce undergraduates who have potential, morality, and ethics in line with logistic strategies for Thailand’s development.


 The program has been designed on the basis of National Economic and Social Development Plan especially for the Fifth Strategy. The gist emphasizes on stable connection and mutual partnership with neighboring countries in terms of economic, logistics, investment, administration and management as well as foreign languages and personnel mobility. In accordance with the Asian Free Trade Agreement, Thailand has recently moved forward in logistics and cross-border trade focusing on rules and regulations, international investment, economic integration, and transportation hubs in order to meet increasing demands and supplies. Given the fact that Sakaeo province has been promoted as a special economic zone, logistics and cross-border trade including transportation infrastructure plays an integral role in boosting competitive advantages, reciprocal benefit towards local community and more importantly our country.

 The Faculty of Science and Social Sciences, Sakaeo Campus, become aware of such trend and expansion of logistics and cross-border trade milieus. Therefore, the program in Logistics and Cross Border Trade Management has been proposed to tailor the needs of public and private sector including local community with the interest of sustainability and stability of our community and the nation. The gist of the program is to produce undergraduates who possess practical knowledge and fundamental skills in logistics and cross-border trade management in order to engage their careers as well as their academic endeavors with effectiveness.


The objectives of this program are:
 1.To produce undergraduates who have knowledge and skills in a field of logistics and cross border trade management.
 2.To equip undergraduates with greater understand in cultural perspectives and communicative languages employed by neighboring countries.
 3.To produce undergraduates who are competent in critical thinking, problem-solving skill, and ability for knowledge implication in logistics and cross border trade management.
 4.To produce undergraduates who have morality, ethics, social etiquette, interpersonal skill, responsibility including numerical, communicative and technological skills.
 5.To offer the academic program pertaining to Burapha University’s Strategy and more importantly strategic planning of Thailand in logistic personnel.

Structure of Curriculum

The number of credits required for a minimum of 133 credits.
 - General Education 30 credits
 - Specific Courses 97 credits (at least)
  Core Courses 33 credits
   Majoring Courses 64 credits (at least)
   Elective Courses 29 credits
 - Elective Courses 6 credits (at least)

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