General Administration

Curriculurm name

Bachelor of Public Administration Program in General Administration.

Name and Program Name

Bachelor of Public Administration (General Administration)
B.P.A. (General Administration)

Potential Career Paths

• The government (the bailiff / SAO. / PAO. / Municipal / District Office).
• Government Police / Military.
• Analysts Policy and Planning.
• Administration Officer.
• coordinate Officer.
• HR / Human Resources.
• Politicians at local and national level.
• scholar.
• Developer Community.
• Almoner.
• Analysts project.
• Private business enterprises (SMEs).


 A philosophy underlying the curriculum promotes practical knowledge, ability, and professional skills in Public Administration in parallel with morality, ethics, and public mind, which are key success towards sustainable economy and the country’s development.


 Currently, globalization and the changes of political, economic and social environment impact government, private sector, and civil society in administration about complex social problems. Therefore, it is crucial to produce public administrator who can integrate dynamic knowledge, apply these disciplines to the authentic situations and develop the country in any parts of working sectors. For this reason, it is an important mission of Burapha University in order to produce and develop Public Administration undergraduate, in Sakaeo Campus, to know multi-disciplines. The Undergraduates will gain a sound understanding of the problems that affect the management of economic and social development in Thailand by focusing on government administration based upon the principles of good governance and sustainable development.


 1. The Public Administration Program, majoring in General Administration emphasizes to produce multi-disciplines to undergraduates that possess knowledge and expertise in the appropriate administration of country development, especially, in Sakaeo and the nearest provinces.
 2. Undergraduates will have the following performances:
  2.1 Gain Public Administration knowledge.
  2.2 Gain good governance and private organization management which leads to the system understanding and co-operative operations of each organization.
  2.3 Gain Administration research and management knowledge in order to develop the organization.
  2.4 Teach Public Administration knowledge into practical application for analyzing and solving complex situations or problems.
  2.5 Stay in diverse society and present creatively opinions.
  2.6 Understand in democracy system and act ethically for the betterment of society.

Structure of Curriculum

The four-year study program with a minimum of 129 credit hours of undergraduate course study.
Structure of the curriculum
1) General education course 30 credits
2) Compulsory Courses (at least) 93 credits
Core course 48 credits
Elective majoring course (at least) 45 credits
3) Elective course (at least) 6 credits
Courses and Credit Hours
1) General education course Total 30 credits
Language and communication Total 12 credits
Language requirement courses 9 credits

More details

Qualifications of Applicants (Regular Program: 4 years)
 1. Applicants must successfully complete their upper secondary education degree (Grade 12) or equivalent as being approved by the selection committee.
 2. Applicants must be good in behavioral conducts.
Applicants must be free from infectious or contagious diseases that hazardously impedes learning process.

Education Fees
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