Human Resource Management

Curriculurm name

Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Human Resource Management.

Name and Program Name

Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
B.B.A. (Human Resource Management)

Potential Career Paths

• Human Resource and Organizational Manager.
• Administrative Officer in Human Resource Department.
• Administrative Officer.
• Human Resource Management Scholars.
• HRM Training Staff.
• Policy and Planning Analyst.
• Business Consultant.
• Research Assistant.
• Affiliated Career in Freelance Management.
• HRM Supervisor.
• Business Entrepreneurs.


 A philosophy underlying the curriculum promotes practical knowledge, ability, and professional skills in Human Resources Management in couple with morality, ethics, and profound local culture, which are key success towards sustainable economy and the country’s development.


 Nowadays, business competition and challenges not only in terms of unexpected changes, but also potential risks and imposed uncertainties, are considered to be inevitable. Therefore, human resources with practical knowledge and skills in human resource management are of great important. In other words, a well-trained personnel from this field can make beneficial contributions towards sustainable development and competitive advantages in the organization. Given the fact that Thailand has become a member of the ASEAN Economics Community since 2015, workforce in human resource management tends to be a key success in various organizations, both public and private sectors. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management Program equips learners with theoretical and applicable knowledge as well as skills in order to produce qualified and competent undergraduates.
 This program has been designed by a Faculty of Science and Social Sciences based on the 2015 Standard Qualification Draft in Human Resource Management. The matters of this program covers human resources management, workforce planning recruitment and selection, personnel training and development, labor management and compensation including HRM seminars.
 The Human Resource Management program aims to enhance and enlarge the body of knowledge and skills in this field. Therefore, the Faculty of Science and Social Sciences has collaborates with various business sectors and several organizations to promote authentic learning experience through internship program, cooperative education, and training. Experienced personnel and executive officers from wide-ranging organizations have also been invited as guest speakers to deliver real-life practice via teaching and learning process.


The objectives of this program are:
1. To produce undergraduates who have knowledge and skills in management and human resource development in order to engage their careers with effectiveness.
2. To produce undergraduates who possess research ability and skills with critical and systematic thinking process and knowledge-based sharing for further contributions towards personal and professional development.
3. To produce undergraduates who are competent in the field of Human Resource Management, who are able to apply the knowledge gained to their careers for both private and public sectors.
4. To equip undergraduates with morality, ethics, social etiquette and responsibility including personal discipline and constructive relationship builders.
5. To produce undergraduates who have information technology and communication skills to achieve in interpersonal and organizational communication milieu.

Structure of Curriculum

Qualifications of Applicants (Regular Program: 4 years)
 1.Applicants must successfully complete their upper secondary education degree (Grade 12) or equivalent as being approved by the selection committee.
 2.Applicants must be good in behavioral conducts.
 3.Applicants must be free from infectious or contagious diseases that hazardously impedes learning process.

Education Fees

A total cost of education fee is 129,000 Baht. A payment is allocated in 9 installments.

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