Natural Resources and Environment

Curriculurm name

Bachelor of Science Program in Natural Resources and Environment.

Name and Program Name

Bachelor of Science Program in Natural Resources and Environment.
B.Sc. (Natural Resources and Environment)

Potential Career Paths

- The environmental academician.
- The staff in environmental department.
- Environmental consultant.
- Lecturer.
- Researcher.
- Entrepreneur.


To produce the moral, wise and creative- thinking undergraduates who realize in value of resources in order to make contributions towards society.


 Under the context of socioeconomic conditions changed after being a part of the ASEAN Economic Community, some parts of Sakaeo province have been declared as the special economic zone. Hence, the Faculty of Science and Social sciences, Burapha university, Sakaeo Campus proposes a higher education institutions in the province in order to improve program curriculum in environmental technology and industrial development. This program aims to produce undergraduates with knowledge and understanding of the application of technology to manage the environment and natural resources. The emphasis of the program concerns environmental planning for resource management towards industry and agricultural industry, which are consistent with present and future context.


The objectives of this program are:
1. To produce undergraduates who have knowledge and skills in the natural resources management and environmental sciences.
2. To produce undergraduates who can analyze and synthesize knowledge for planning environmental management and industries.
3. To produce professional undergraduates who are competent in the field of environmental and natural resources management for developing society through the nation, parallel with ethics for their future career.

Structure of Curriculum

The number of credits required for a minimum of 141 credits.
 1) General Education Courses 30 credits.
 2) Specific Courses 105 credits.
  2.1) Core courses 51 credits
  2.2) Elective Majors Courses 54 credits
   2.2.1) Required Courses 30 credits
   2.2.2) Elective Courses 24 credits
  2.3) Minor (if necessary) - credits
 3) Elective Courses at least 6 credits.

More details

Qualifications of Applicants (Regular Program: 4 years)
1. Applicants must successfully complete their upper secondary education degree (Grade 12) or equivalent in Science - Mathematics or related field as being approved by the selection committee.
2. Applicants must be good in behavioral conducts.
3. Applicants must be free from infectious or contagious diseases that hazardously impedes learning process.

Education Fees
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