Information Technology

Curriculurm name

Bachelor of Science Program in Information TechnologyBachelor of Science Program in Information Technology.

Name and Program Name

Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)
B.Sc. (Information Technology)

Potential Career Paths

- Information Technology Officer.
- Computer Technical Officer.
- Software Developer.
- Web Developer.
- Systematic Analyst and Designer.
- Systematic and Network Administrator.
- Information Technology Project Manager.
- Information Technology Manager.
- Information Technology Professionals in the workplace. And Others Computer related field.


 A philosophy underlying the curriculum promotes practical knowledge, ability, and professional skills in information technology in couple with morality, ethics and teamwork.


 Present, Computer technology and telecommunications change human lifestyle. They play crucial roles in daily life, such as providing medical services over the Internet, using of information systems through smartphones, using of social networks both in work and daily life, using internet technology on devices around everyday activities and so on. These activities not only lead to the information technology application in both public and private sectors, but also apply in industrial to the household. Particularly, the industries related in information technology can make a lot of profit and be potential industries. Moreover, Information Technology are devices to run business in both national and international level.


 1. To produce undergraduates who have knowledge and professional skills in information technology with morality and ethics which can work in both public and private sectors in order to support information technology advancement in developing country, especially, in the ease and the neighbor areas.
 2. After graduation, undergraduates will have the following performances:
  1) Have morality, ethical and professional skills in order to employ information technology knowledge to develop sustainable society and country.
  2) Gain information technology Skills for IT developer or IT Support.
  3) Have good communication skills and ability to work effectively as a team.

Structure of Curriculum

The number of credits required for a minimum of 127 credits.
Structure of curriculum
 1) General Education Courses 30 credits.
&emap;2) Specific Courses 91 credits.
  2.1) Core Courses 12 credits
  2.2) Majoring Courses 61 credits
  2.4) Application of Technology Courses (at least) 23 credits.
  2.5) Technology and software process Courses 15 credits.
  2.6) Infrastructure of system Courses 12 credits.
  2.7) Select Specific Courses (at least) 18 credits.
 3) Independently Courses (at least) 6 credits.
More details

Qualifications of Applicants (Regular Program: 4 years)
 1.Applicants must successfully complete their upper secondary education degree (Grade 12) or equivalent in Science – Mathematics, Arts - Mathematics or related field as being approved by the selection committee.
 2.Applicants must be good in behavioral conducts.
 3.Applicants must be free from infectious or contagious diseases that hazardously impedes learning process.

Education Pees

 A cost of education fee is approximately 8,750 Bath/Semester or approximately 70,000 Bath (Throughout of Curriculum)

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