Business Computer

Curriculurm name
Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Business Computer.
Name and Program Name
Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Computer)
B.B.A. (Business Computer)
Potential Career Paths
  • Information Technology Business Analyst and Designer.
  • Computer System Analyst and Designer.
  • Business Programmer.
  • Multimedia Program Designer for Business Presentation.
  • Website Designer and Developer.
  • Database Administration.
  • Computer System Audit and Consultant.
  • Technical Sales.
  • Digital Business Entrepreneur.
  • Computer Academician.
  • Computer System Officer.
  • IT Manager.
  • Executive in Information and Communication Technology.
  • Strategic Planner.
  • Specialize Technical Sales Representative.
  A philosophy underlying the curriculum emphasize on developing potential personnel in Computer in order to fulfill business needs and country development.
 Business computer is an interdisciplinary program that integrates business and technology in order to build professional undergraduates who are able to systematically and effectively manage their business via the implication of computer technology and IT software. Undergraduates will gain practical knowledge, ability, and professional skills in computer in order to engage their further careers with effectiveness.
1. To produce personnel in business computer field in order to support technological advancement and other related business.
2. To equip undergraduates with creative thinking, up to date and research – oriented skills to promote problem – solving competency.
3. To produce undergraduates who are competent in the field of Business Computer, who are able to apply the knowledge gained to their further careers.
Structure of Crriculum
Program Credit at least 128 credits
General Education Courses 30 credits
Specific Courses 92 credits
Majoring in Business 30 credits
Majoring in IT 47 credits
-Organization and Information System 20 credits
-Application of Technology 12 credits
-Technology and Software process 9 credits
-Basic System Structure 6 credits
Majoring Elective Courses at least 15 credits
Electives Courses at least 6 credits
More details
Qualifications of Applicants (Regular Program: 4 years)
1. Applicants must successfully complete their upper secondary education degree (Grade 12) or equivalent in Science – Mathematics, Arts - Mathematics or related field as being approved by the selection committee.
2. Applicants must be good in behavioral conducts.
3. Applicants must be free from infectious or contagious diseases that hazardously impedes learning process.
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